I am getting sick and tired of watching the staggering lack of leadership coming from President Obama and the White House. This is the man and the team who campaigned so brilliantly. This is the man and the team who have, I would argue, governed with exceptional capability in exceptionally difficult times. But week by week, month by month, they find themselves outflanked rhetorically, politically and publicly by their right-wing opponents.

The Democratic Party needs its OWN voice that can push the message through to the American people, especially the moderate sphere that makes the difference in every presidential election. “Markets are up $4 trillion (well, maybe $3 trillion by now); economy is growing; jobs are being created; housing markets kinda sorta stabilized; financial seizure has been unfrozen; etc.”

Americans think we are heading in the wrong direction? They think that NOW? Are you kidding me? No! The Democrats need a voice who can deliver the message that “headed in the wrong direction” was the severe job losses in 2007-08. NOW we are headed in the RIGHT direction — creating jobs — just not nearly enough yet. Are they f***ing afraid of being criticized for claiming credit for progress while unemployment is still around 10%? Gimme a break. Democrats are incurable wimps.

And why oh why oh why isn’t Obama that voice??????????? Awaken from thy stuport, Oh Great Orator of 2008. You cannot merely govern, however well you do so. You must lead, dammit.