President Obama’s approval rating has been dropping steadily for a year now. Why is that, exactly? I offer here a list of plausible explanations:

  1. The President, thwarted by division among Democrats in Congress and the interference of lobbyists, has been unable to enact enough of his vision for America to sustain public support.
  2. The President, his vision amplified by a huge Democratic majority in Congress, has pushed through more “change” than the American people can stomach.
  3. The President has governed well, but has communicateed poorly with the American people, such that his accomplishments are undervalued.
  4. The American people have failed to invest the necessary mental energy to appreciate the accomplishments of his presidency, and in place of that, are too willing to accept partisan criticisms.
  5. Americans have come to see President Obama as lacking the temperment expected of a president, and are distancing themselves from him regardless of his job performance.
  6. It can’t be helped: In this day and age, with media obsessed over politics and disinterested in governance, it is impossible for a president to sustain public support.
  7. The American people have changed their minds; we have decided as a nation that we do not want the kind of ‘more sensible progressive’ government promised by candidate Obama.
  8. He simply is doing a bad job. His policies are taking us in the wrong direction in terms of what we expect our president to be responsible for — economic policy, foreign policy, health care, national security, federal fiscal matters, energy policy, environmental policy/BP, oversight of financial markets, etc.

What do you think?