Before yesterday’s summit on healthcare reform, I had posted this:

Having seen some highlights of the summit, it seems that’s pretty much where things are going. Republicans are saying let’s enact only what we agree on. Of course, that isn’t much, but it’s not nothing. All camps agree on the elimination of pre-existing conditions, for example.

The President is saying let’s enact both the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ best ideas, regardless of agreement between the two parties.

There is an orthodoxy out there that “bipartisan” means significant congressional voting support from both parties for the final bill. It doesn’t have to mean that. It also can mean that the best ideas of both parties make their way into the final legislation, even if one party, Republicans in this case, does not vote for the resulting legislation. Having the best ideas of both parties is important for the country. Having consensus voting among legislators is important only to their political careers, which is not relevant to me or you. I’m starting to like where this is going. A little bit.