Do you want to know why government keeps growing and growing and growing? Do you want to stop it?

I am going to whisper the secret answer to you. But you may not like it. The scope of government has been expanding rapidly since the 1980s because no one has to pay the cost. The culture of debt means that we borrow the funds needed to add the Americans with Disabilities Act, and No Child Left Behind, and Medicare Part D, and wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq, and so on and on. Why not do all these things? What senior wouldn’t appreciate prescription drug coverage, or what community wouldn’t appreciate federal funds for its schools?

And there is no constituency to oppose these things, or to moderate them, because there is no levy on taxpayers. We just borrow the money.

So, here comes the painful conclusion. You want to control federal spending? You want to limit the scope of government? You want to, as the Tea Party folks like to say, ‘return government to its constitutional boundaries’? Simple answer: Demand taxation. Demand an end to deficits and debt accumulation. It is no different than managing your finances at home. If you discipline yourself to pay cash for everything, and cut up the credit card, your finances will be fine. Demanding taxation to fund our government is the same thing. Sure it will be painful for twenty years. But then we’ll be fine.

You think this is nuts? Fine. Just remember this post when federal debt hits $15 trillion… $20 trillion… $30 trillion……….