I carried this over from a comment I made on another blog post, which presented a piece from Forbes. What struck me is the title of the Forbes editorial: The Fiction of Climate Science.

The problem I have here is that the science has been utterly obscured by the fog of politics. I think the global-climate-change crowd deserves our critical and skeptical eye. But I think the no-global-climate-change crowd deserves the very same scrutiny. I get why Forbes thinks it is a mistake to declare the global climate change theory right. But on what basis does Forbes declare it wrong?

All the media and political conversation about this many tenths of a degree up, and that many tenths of a degree down, are, I believe, missing the point. The better question is, have we entered a period of intense regional climate shifts, that will cause widespread human and economic disruption? There seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence that that is the case — most of the warmest years on record being in the past couple of decades, significant glacial and polar ice melting, intensification of hurricane and tsunami activity, significant changes in regional precipitation patterns, etc.

But the deafening cry from those in the media and politics is so loud that it is nearly impossible to hear the objective science. That’s from both sides. The voice of objective science has been so drowned out, it is impossible to gauge the real risk of both action and inaction. It has become impossible to either support or refute the theory of global clmate change.

I wish we had the means to quiet the non-science voices, and go forth with a full, transparent, objective and truly scientific debate — better research, study, analysis, and conclusions coming from the scientific community. And the commitment of we lay people to listen more and shout less.