Without yet getting into whether Rep. Wilson was “right” or not, what he did was one of the most profoundly un-conservative acts in memory. The first principle of conservatism is to conserve. Conservatives more than any other segment recognize, or ought to, our mutual responsibility to conserve, defend and protect those basic institutions on which order, stability and prosperity depend. His act demeaned and belittled the presidency, an institution which has been constitutionally ingrained in our way of life for more than 200 years. If he has something to say, he has any number of legitimate means of expression. Whatever happened to op ed pieces in the paper, or appearances on Hannity, or speeches to his constituents, or posts on his website? Whatever the merits of his outburst, he chose the one radical means of expression that utterly belies conservative principles.

I also have to point out this irony. There are many aspects of Pres. Obama’s healthcare ideas that require a hard swallow to accept at face value. He is, after all, a politician by trade, and he is going to spin the story in his favor as much as he can get away with. Yet, Rep. Wilson chose to brand as a lie one of the most incontrovertibly true statements of the night. Who is this guy, and, basically, WTF on that???