Can you defend the premise of your resignation that spurious allegations against you are accelerating, or even continuing? I haven’t heard of any major allegations or investigations other than the so-called Troopergate matter. That was a year ago, and has long been settled.

The article in the Wall Street Journal on July 7 [], which was based on an interview with your close confidant Kristan Cole, referred to “volume of investigations” and “relentless complaints,” yet did not identify a single instance other than “Troopergate.”

You described as “insane” the amount of resources that are going into responding to these bogus allegations. Well, how insane are we talking about? In December 2008, you announced an annual operating budget of $4.9 billion for the state. In your resignation announcement, you stated, “the State has … shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to ‘opposition research.” Are you saying that an expense of 0.04% of the state’s budget is enough to oust the people’s elected choice for governor?