A primary Republican challenge to the Obama stimulus package is that it does not go far enough to cut taxes on business. The reasoning goes that such tax cuts are most likely to spur new jobs in the economy — less of a tax burden on business; more employees hired.

I have owned my business for eight years. My brother owns a business. I know lots and lots and lots of business owners. I am yet to meet one who has ever said, “Less taxes? For real? Heck, yeah, it’s time to hire!” I have never even read of or heard of any business owner who thinks like that. I have never met an entrepreneur who works harder because taxes are lower; hard work, in fact working to the maximum of one’s abilities, is a given.

There is one, and only one, impetus for growing a business, for hiring more employees: more paying customers. It is time that America recognizes tax cutting proposals for what they are: an ideology, not an economic policy. I am arguing neither in favor of nor in opposition to that ideology. But do I wish the Republican leadership in Congress would cease ascribing false — and intellectually dishonest — benefits to its tax cutting philosophy.