I’m not going out on much of a limb here, but so far, you’ve given me no reason to lay down my suspicions. What have you told me? The impeachment process is a vendetta against you for challenging entrenched interests in Springfield. The rules of the Senate trial are stacked against you. There will be a massive tax increase if you are removed from office.

Fair enough (or not). You are free to proffer any rebuttal you want to. But here’s the problem: I know what I heard on those tapes released by the U.S. Attorney’s office. I heard you, I tell you; we all heard you.

You want to regain the public trust? Talk to me; talk to us. Tell us what we heard on those tapes. You can play magician’s sleight-of-hand all you want. But it isn’t working, and it won’t work. Understand this: You cannot survive without addressing — directly, convincingly, transparently — those publicly released tapes. I don’t care if the acts contemplated on those tapes are illegal. I don’t care if the acts contemplated on those tapes are sufficient to warrant conviction on the impeachment charges. But you work for me. You cannot have my confidence until you address yourself to me.